Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit

Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit

iSimplyConnect is used to provision and manage the connectivity for an Industrial IoT accelerator kit, sponsored by Dell and EpiSensor. iSimplyConnect provides the end-to-end secure connectivity from the industrial Zigbee temperature sensors from EpiSensor via the Dell gateway through to the AWS cloud.

Out of the box plug’n’play experience

The packaged kit enables users to quickly deploy out of the box an industrial temperature sensor kit. The accelerator kit is ideal for those looking to create temperature measurement applications.

Key advantages of the kit include:

  • Industrial use ready, no prototyping
  • Wireless sensors (Zigbee), minimal installation fuss

Simply power the Dell gateway and you have a temperature measurement solution out of the box. An initial use case for developers is a temperature monitoring probe with alerting, ideal for both remote and/or mobile locations.

The kit is designed for the IoT developer who is targeting small businesses, who are reliant on accurate temperature management for business success.

IIoT accelerator kit

Get your kit today

If you are interested in purchasing the kit, please visit the EpiSensor Store. The kit includes the iSimplyConnect SIM/Shared data bundle, enabling you to quickly get going with your IoT temperature application.

iSimplyConnect provides access to global cellular connectivity through a managed service platform from Asavie, enabling IoT projects to extend beyond geographical boundaries easily. Using the simple and easy to use Asavie IoT Connect web interface, users can provision a private IP network end-to-end, with the flexibility to adapt where data lands, on-premise or in the cloud.