Connecting your Internet of Things

Secure private IP network connectivity for IoT

Succeed in securely connecting your Things with iSimplyConnect’s self-service portal.

Select a data bundle

No guesswork, choose the data plan that fits your needs

Order SIMs

Start by connecting a single Thing, easily scale as your project grows

Provision your IP network

Configure your own private IP network to connect your Things

Activate your SIMs

Install your SIMs, start communicating!

Effortless IoT connectivity

iSimplyConnect is a hassle-free approach to securing IoT connectivity. By taking your connected things off the internet, you’re guaranteed the necessary privacy, to stay safe in the connected world.

  • Contract free – Pay as you go model
  • Stay Calm –  Build your success, while we keep you secure
  • Work Smarter – Manage all your connectivity needs from one place
  • Always Connected – Complete visibility of what your Things are doing


Secure from ‘hacktivists’ – IoT endpoints are no longer visible from the Internet

Private IP Network

Real-time network control – route data to where you want, when you want

Cost Control

Self-manage your SIMs and data plans, to suit your project’s budget


Monitor and learn about your IoT projects connectivity and data utilization

IoT Kit

Industrial IoT accelerator kit

iSimplyConnect is used to power the connectivity of an Industrial IoT accelerator kit. The  kit enables users to deploy out of the box, an industrial grade temperature monitoring solution.