Use iSimplyConnect for instant iPad access to Salesforce.

Sometimes getting iPad access to can be tricky. Saleforce is a widely used cloud-based ERP/CRM application. To protect the data stored in, it is often recommended that customers configure the system to accept connections from the corporate internet connection only. This is ideal when using Salesforce at your desk, or even over your laptop VPN client but presents a challenge when trying to use Salesforce securely on your iPad.

iSimplyConnect offers a simple way to connect your iPad to your corporate network but goes even further - while connected, your iPad accesses the internet via the corporate LAN. This provides the iPad access to any IP-locked service that expects connections to originate from a particular IP address.

You Will Need:

- An iPad (or iPhone), with iSimplyConnect installed

- Your Salesforce login details


  1. Tap the iSimplyConnect app to open and tap 'Test Connection'. This will bring up the VPN, routing your internet access via the office network.
  2. Now you can access Salesforce from your iPad (This can be done by using Safari to browse to or using a Salesforce Mobile app).
  3. To make iSimplyConnect initiate a connection automatically every time you use Salesforce, your administrator will need to add '' to the list of VPN "dial-always" domains.

Comments & Gotchas

Some organisations have multiple connections to the internet. iSimplyConnect will route iPad users via the same ISP link that the office server uses. If SalesForce is locked to a different IP address, your administrator will either need to allow the extra office addresses to use SalesForce or route iSimplyConnect to the server via the correct salesforce-approved internet connection.