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Quick-start Guide

Step 1

Install iSimplyConnect

Install iSimplyConnect on an office server. We recommend installation on a Windows Server which is a member of your domain.

Step 2

Add Users

Add user details using the iSimplyConnect Admin site. Users will receive an email asking them to install the iSimplyConnect app.

Step 3

Download the App

Users connect to your network using the free iSimplyConnect app from the AppStore. The app will get your users iPad access quickly and securely!

Using your iSimplyConnect VPN

These help manuals explain how to use iSimplyConnect for iPad access your files, folders and network tools. We hope they help!

» 1. Files and Folders: Accessing a Windows File Server from your iPad

» 2. Salesforce: Remote access Salesforce from your iPad

» 3. Connecting to Business Applications: Oracle, SAP, Sharepoint etc.


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