Use iSimplyConnect for iPad access to your Windows Files and Folders, just like you have at your desk.

iPad access to file shares from desktop clients is easily achieved, but hard to get from an iPad or iPhone. This leads to users uploading files to web repositories potentially exposing your network to risk.

Most organizations have some form of in-house file storage, most commonly on Windows fileservers or for a smaller company, a simple share from a PC with a big hard disk.

iSimplyConnect offers a simple way to enable iPad access to your corporate network but goes even further - while connected, your iPad is able to access any other office resources, fileservers included.

You Will Need:

- An iPad, with iSimplyConnect installed

- A File browsing app such as FileBrowser from Stratospherix Ltd.


  1. Tap the iSimplyConnect app to open and tap 'Test Connection'. This will bring up the VPN, allowing iPad access to the office network.
  2. Now you can launch your FileBrowser app to access your files from your iPad.
  3. iSimplyConnect should automatically connect every time you use your FileBrowser. If this does not happen your administrator may need to add the server domain to the list of iSimplyConnect VPN domains.